How to Submit IQT Results

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  1. Login to your member account on the TFA website.
  2. Select "Submit IQT Results" from the right-hand menu.
  3. Click on the tab for each event and press the "edit" button.
  4. Type in the results for the event in the blanks provided. Press "save".
    (If you use Joy of Tournaments for tabulation, you may shortcut this step by uploading results directly to the website from the tab software. Click here for details.)
  5. Click on the IQT tab. Select the link to enter contact information.
  6. Update your contact information. Press "Save". This information will be used by the IQT coordinator if there are questions that arise regarding your report.
  7. Verify your submission for accuracy. Once you submit your report, you will not be able to make changes to your report (unless the IQT coordinator rejects your report for some reason).
  8. Click on the "Submit Results to IQT Coordinator" button. Until you click this button, you may log in and out of the website and make changes to your submission. The IQT coordinator will not receive your report until you press this button.
When you have SUCCESSFULLY submitted your results, the Status line near the top of each screen will change from "In Progress - Unsubmitted" to "Submitted to IQT Coordinator".