Texas Forensic Association


2022 TFA Business Meeting

Texas Forensic Association


Submissions should be sent to TFA Secretary Tasha Jones. Amendments must be submitted using the TFA Amendment form (click here to download).

  1. EC Amendment regarding Treasurer. (Download as PDF)
  2. EC Amendment regarding DEI Protests. (Download as PDF)
  3. EC Amendment regarding President. (Download as PDF)
  4. EC Amendment regarding IE Individual Sweeps. (Download as PDF)
  5. EC Amendment regarding Introductions. (Download as PDF)
  6. EC Amendment regarding Expenditures. (Download as PDF)
  7. Amendment regarding IQT Schedule Changes. (Download as PDF)
  8. Amendment regarding Speech & Interp Breaks at State. (Download as PDF)
  9. Amendment regarding committee to study judging. (Download as PDF)
  10. Amendment regarding gender language in constitution. (Download as PDF)
  11. Amendment regarding number of number of World Schools prepared motions. (Download as PDF)
  12. Amendment regarding prepared motions in World Schools. (Download as PDF)
  13. Amendment to further clarify the composite rerank system for advancement to Semis. (Download as PDF)
  14. Amendment regarding Urban Debate League Committee. (Download as PDF)
  15. Amendment to allow binders in DI and Duo. (Download as PDF)
  16. Amendment to multiple sources in DI and Duo. (Download as PDF)
  17. Amendment to define FX. (Download as PDF)
  18. Amendment to reduce judging fees for Title I schools. (Download as PDF)
  19. Amendment for TFA sponsored World Schools team. (Download as PDF)
  20. Amendment proposing regional qualification for State. (Download as PDF)
  21. Amendment proposing EC officers be paid. (Download as PDF)