Texas Forensic Association

World Schools Debate

Prepared Motions for IQTs

Note: If your IQT is offering World Schools Debate, the prepared motions must be selected from this list.

Motions for August - November 2022

1. This House regrets the rise of fast fashhion.

2. This House opposes the use of NFT technology for investment purposes.

3. This House supports a maximum age limit for national office holders in the United States.

4. This House supports the right of teachers to unionize.

5. This House supports a cashless economy.

6. This House supports rent control legislation.

7. This House believes that the environmental rights of future generations supersede the economic interests of current generations.

8. This House believes that states should contruct data-based profiles of their citizens (e.g. the social credit system in China).

9. This House would implement fairness doctrines on broadcast news media with significant audience reach.

10. This House believes that the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue should initiate the creation of a regional defense pact (similar to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization) in the Asia Pacific region.

Motions for December 2022 - February 2023

To be posted.

Motions for TFA State 2023

To be posted.