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World Schools Debate

Prepared Motions for IQTs

Note: If your IQT is offering World Schools Debate, the prepared motions must be selected from this list.

Motions for August - November 2021

1. This House would not support US military intervention in the Taiwan Strait.

2. This House prefers leaderless social movements.

3. This House believes that global governing bodies of major international sports championships should not host games in illiberal regimes.

4. This House supports government funding of free, public Wi-Fi.

5. This House would prioritize human space exploration over robotic exploration.

6. This House supports jury nullification.

7. This House would expand the size of the United States House of Representatives.

8. This House would ban unpaid internships.

9. This House supports a federal carbon tax in the United States.

10. This House supports the creation and popular conscription of citizens into a mandatory civil service corps focused on climate issues.

Motions for December 2021 - February 2022

1. This House would allow illegally obtained evidence to be used in criminal prosecutions.

2. In a post COVID-19 world, this House believes that developing countries should prioritize the growth of their domestic industries over foreign trade.

3. This House believes that the European Union should accelerate the process of granting full membership rights to the Balkan states (Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Serbia).

4. This House would provide long-term rent forgiveness for recently unemployed persons.

5. This House would re-enter the Iran Nuclear Deal.

6. This House would ban combat drones.

7. This House would hold social media companies to the same libel standards as traditional forms of media (i.e. newspapers, etc.) for the content they publish.

8. This House would ban consumer-focused advertising for prescription drugs.

9. This House would require governments to release information regarding encounters with UFOs.

10. This House regrets the increased focus of higher education on STEM at the expense of the liberal arts.

Motions for TFA State 2022

Round 1 & 2: This House would eliminate the filibuster in the US Senate. Teams will debate both sides.

Round 3: Impromptu

Round 4: Impromptu

Round 5: This House supports the normalization of cancel culture.

Round 6: Impromptu

Partial Octos: Impromptu

Quarters: This House, as NATO, would reduce barriers to membership for European nations.
IMPORTANT: this Quarters topic was revised (as above) by the World School committee on 2/28/22 due to events unfolding in Ukraine!.

Semis: Impromptu

Finals: This House regrets the rise of block chain technology.