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The Texas Forensic Association is committed to bringing the best out in speech and debate in the state of Texas. 

The purpose of the Texas Forensic Association is to bring about more effective cooperation among the members of the speech and theatre arts profession in the discharge of their special responsibilities in forensic and theatre activities; to create a means of educating the general and professional public to the important educational functions of forensics and theatre arts; to make collective action possible on problems of common professional interest;

and, in general, to maintain and advance the ideals and standards of the speech and theatre arts profession.


The Texas Forensic Association shall promote the interests of interscholastic speech and theatre by encouraging a spirit of fellowship among participating students and teachers.

Activities viewed as central to the organization's function include debate, theatre, and competitive individual speaking events.

The membership of the organization has grown steadily each year with more than 420 professional members in the 1997-1998 Silver anniversary year.


The Association continues to set high standards and strive to meet new goals for the benefit of Texas Teachers and students. The model of the Texas Forensic Association has been recommended for other states where similar needs are felt.

The Executive Council


Coach Retention/
New Coach Mentorship
(Ad Hoc)

EC Advisor: Nathanial Council and Preston Stolte

Region 1: Mellessa Denny

Region 2: Robin Liesenfelt

Region 3: James "Thomas" Cox

Region 4: Hannah McCord 

Region 5: Kyle Peterson

Congressional Debate

EC Advisor: Nathanial Council

Region 1: Ryan Lovell

Region 2: Neal White

Region 3: Gina Lozano

Region 4: Harry Yu 

Region 5: James Thompson


EC Advisor: Kim Falco

Region 1: Andy Zeigler

Region 2: Eric Mears

Region 3: 

Region 4: Heath Martin

Region 5: Yolanda Silva


EC Advisor: Aaron Timmons

Region 1: Heather Soltero

Region 2: Dr. Tracy McFarland

Region 3: 

Region 4: Tamia Brice

Region 5: Daniel Rosales


EC Advisor: Brian Alford

Region 1: Cristian Mora

Region 2: Dave Huston

Region 3: Noah Recker

Region 4: Greg McGee

Region 5: James Thompson

Hall of Fame Membership

EC Advisor: Preston Stolte

Region 1: Ann Shofner

Region 2: Walter Willis

Region 3: Kandi King

Region 4: Eloise Blair

Region 5: Shawn Mena

Professional Relations

EC Advisor: Nathaniel Council

Region 1: JT Seymour

Region 2: Aaron Timmons

Region 3: Brian Eanes

Region 4: Victoria Beard

Region 5: Irene Gardea

Public Relations

EC Advisor: Stef Cambra

Region 1: Ryan Lovell

Region 2: Melonie Menefee

Region 3: 

Region 4: Ashley Freeman

Region 5: Kyle Peterson


EC Advisor: Tasha Jones

Region 1: Brett Howard

Region 2: JP Fugler

Region 3: El Contreras

Region 4: Dustin Kay

Region 5: Irene Gardea

World Schools Debate

EC Advisor: Davy Holmes

Region 1: Brett Howard

Region 2: Amberley Ferrell-Tanner

Region 3: Cale McCrary

Region 4: Courtney Coffman

Region 5: Joshua Wimberley

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The Texas Speech Communication Association

TFA is an interest group of the Texas Speech Communication Association (TSCA). 

Membership in TSCA is open to any communication educator, communication student, communication consultant, or any individual interested in learning about the field of speech communication.
All levels of instruction and areas of interest are represented in the association. The rewards of membership in TSCA include updated professional awareness, networking with other professionals, and exposure to innovation, teaching methodologies, and scholarly works relevant to the discipline of speech communication.


TFA is an interest group of the Texas Speech Communication Association.  To become a member of TFA, join TSCA and select TFA as one of your affiliated interest groups. The TSCA application for membership may be filled out online.  As the last step of registration, you may either pay for your membership with a credit card, or you may print out a copy of the completed membership application and send it along with the appropriate payment to the TSCA Executive Secretary.

The deadline for membership is January 31 each year. If you are attending convention and the TFA business meeting, you will need to be paid prior to convention which takes place in October. 

Schools intending to qualify for and compete at the State Tournament must join by January 31.

Schools hosting an IQT must either hold an institutional membership or have at least one educator who is an individual TSCA/TFA member.

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